Player of the Day:Trevor Twohig
Nickname: Twiggy, Jacques Cousteau, JR Hartley

Position: Second Row; Sin Bin, Coach Minder


Trevor is a mild mannered Teacher during the week, which explains why his respect for authority (Referees!) is the same as that of a 14 year old pubescent. A 2nd XV staple and former skipper, Trevor can often be found behind the posts waiting for his 10 minute break to end. Considering that he teaches English, why is he so utterly incapable of stringing a coherent sentence together on the pitch?

In stark contrast to his on field antics, Trevor is a published author off the field and enjoys a gentle game of Cricket in the summer. As if this wasn't enough to keep him busy, Trevor is the founder of the Carshalton Scuba Society.

One question remains. Why did he wait so long before realising the coach wasn't moving? And more importantly, why leave it knowing that it was going back with the rest of the boys?

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